24/7 Dependable Battery Jump Start Service in Stockton, CA

Most of us have experienced that feeling when we have the whole day planned out and suddenly, we find ourselves faced with an emergency. Say, everyone’s ready for work and school. You all pile into the car, put your seatbelts on, you turn the key and….nothing!

The car battery is flat and this is going to make you all late.

Luckily, if you are in Stockton there’s an easy fix to this problem. Just give the trusted towing company H&O Towing a call and you’ll have an experienced technician by your side in no time.

H&O Towing is a trusted local Stockton company that works 24/7 making sure that all local drivers have someone to assist them if they run into any car trouble at any time.

What Happened to My Car Battery?

A flat car battery can be a bummer, it can ruin your plans and cause a lot of stress, but for the most part, it is one car emergency that can be dealt with quickly, if you know what to do and you have the right equipment.

So, why do car batteries go flat? Well, there are a few explanations for why this happens, and we can’t always be sure of the exact reason.

Most times human error is what causes car batteries to go flat. Either the car hasn’t been driven, or even turned on, for a while causing the battery to drain, or the driver could have left on the car lights or radio overnight, which will also drain the battery.

In this case, usually, a jump start will help and the problem shouldn’t reoccur.

If your car battery does become flat again after it has been jump-started the battery could have reached the end of its life. Usually, car batteries last up to five years, but they can die before that, depending on several factors, such as the weather (extreme heat and extreme cold affect the battery), driving habits, and also demands from the car’s electronic system. The battery usually starts showing signs when it gets close to its expiry date, so as a driver you should keep an eye out for these signs.

H&O Towing to the Rescue!

Give us at H&O Towing a call as soon as you notice that your car battery needs a jump start and we’ll immediately send a technician to help you.  After checking that you don’t have a more serious problem with your car and that a jump start is what you need, our technician will start your car for you. Once the car is running you need to make sure to keep it running, to charge your car battery you’ll need to drive around for at least half an hour.

Best Towing Service in Stockton  

H&O Towing is a local towing and roadside assistance services provider. We work through a network of highly trained and professional affiliates who provide a variety of first-class towing and roadside assistance services in Stockton, 24 hours a day.

As a local company, providing excellent service to drivers in Stockton is personal for us. Being local also helps us do our jobs in a fast and efficient manner, we know the best routes to reach customers enabling us to reach them fast. At H&O Towing we dispatch a technician as soon as a call comes in and we strive to reach each call as quickly as possible, in a safe manner.

As part of H&O Towing’s belief in providing excellent service, we make sure to always provide an upfront price quote for all calls. Our prices are always fair and affordable.

Our expert technicians have the experience, know-how, and equipment to work on all makes and models of cars. We provide different services for towing, roadside assistance and even auto locksmith problems, all adapted to the type of vehicle in need of the services. Among our 24/7 services:

H&O Towing is available to help you 24/7, for all towing services or for car battery jump start service.